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>>  A quick summary on ”” can be found here (PDF).






>> PRISM: Irish High Court has accepted Judicial Review against DPC
>> Media Update (PDF)


>> DPC wants to “kill” Facebook Procedure after PRISM was “killed”
Students forced to go to courts against Irish Data Protection Authority.

>> Media Update (PDF)
>> Letters on Facebook procedure (PDF), Letters on PRISM (PDF)
>> Request for a formal Decision (PDF)

>> Irish DPC says Facebook and Apple may forward data to NSA under EU law...
>> Update from the 7/25/2013, including all documents and information (PDF)
>> For more information on the initial complains see below.


>> Legal Complaints filed against PRISM-Companies.
>> Press Update (PDF)
>> Complaints: Facebook (PDF), Apple (PDF), Yahoo (PDF), Skype (PDF) and Microsoft (PDF)


>> Raising pressure: EU Parliamentarians are questioning EU Commission over Irish reluctance to enforce EU privacy laws on Facebook.

>> Press Information (PDF)
>> Parliamentarian Question (English)
>> Original parliamentarian Question (PDF, German)







>>  A couple of examples of “undeleted” data on Facebook can be found here (PDF).
>>  All documents (complaints, reports, e-mails) concerning our case can be found here.
>>  The whole date sets and what Facebook is exactly collecting can be found here.





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